Bubba is a handsome little 5 to 6 year old Chihuahua mix that weighs 9-10 LBS he is a reddish brown with cream coloring. Bubby will be neutered, vaccinated and micro-chipped prior to going to a family. He is mostly quiet follows you everywhere. Bubba would make a great therapy dog. He is a sweet heart and doesn’t usually bark. He is mostly house trained but since he is not yet neutered does mark. He is used to using the doggie door to go outside. he loves older kids and is a people lover. He is a very gentle Likes his own bed…likes to be on the couch with you. Bubba loves to eat, he gets so excited that he throws himself against the counter when it is feeding time. He doesn’t usually play with toys although he will sometimes if you play with him. He doesn’t usually join in play time with the little girl dogs in the house. Bubba is dog friendly and loves his walks, he rides in a crate in the car. Bubba will be a wonderful companion and doesn’t need a canine friend, if you only want one dog he is perfect.

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