Meet approximately 6 month old Bonnie! Bonnie weighs approximately 15 LBS and is larger than her brother. This beautiful puppy was found abandoned in a neighborhood. She is a gorgeous puppy. She appears to be a doberman with her coloration, but she is very small and probably is a type of terrier. Bonnie is very loving. She is a little timid at first, but warmed up to all the visitors at a recent adoption event. Bonnie is an alert and a good watch dog. She barks to let you know someone is there, but stops and doesn’t bark for no reason. She is playful, loves kids, is affectionate and so loving. Currently Bonnie lives outside, but longs to be a house dog. Since she hasn’t been an indoor dog, you will have to work on potty training. She appears to be an intelligent dog and a quick learner so this task shouldn’t take much effort or time. She would love nothing more than to sit next to you by the fire and be loved. She is the perfect age and size. Bonnie was found with her brother Clyde. Bonnie and Clyde both chase cats.They can be adopted separately or together. They do make a beautiful pair. Bonnie is current on her vaccinations and will be spayed and microchipped before going to her new home. Please fill out an application on Miss Bonnie and give her the home she so deserves. More pictures after she sees our volunteer photographer for her glamour shots. Office


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