Coco is a beautiful American Eskimo she weighs about 17 Lbs. The vet guestimates her to be about 8 years old. Someone saw Coco free on craigslist and wanted to rehome her but couldn’t hang onto her so called AFC. Coco was obviously taken very poor care of, she came to us in severe pain and we found she has arthritis and needed a dental. We have provided a dental and took x-rays she is taking Dasuquin to support her joint health which is a supplement. She has also been receiving Laser therapy, Coco is doing wonderfully and other than creaky bones like we all have in the morning she is great. We are thankful to the special attention AFC has been giving her to help her get better. Coco will finish up her laser package but should not need them once the treatments have been completed. Coco should be able to have a good quality of life with the right family. Coco rides well in the car and does walk well on a leash, she absolutely love, loves to go for walks and gets so excited when she sees the leash. She is such a sweetheart and likes to be petted. She gets really happy when she sees the leash and knows she is going for a walk. She does fine with other dogs. She likes to give little light kisses on your hands when you are petting her. As all the sanctuary dogs do she also loves carrots. She loves to follow you around just to keep up on what you’re doing. She needs a quiet adult home where she can just hang out and follow you or take a quick nap and yes, go for nice walks. This special girl needs a loving forever home. Photography compliments of 4pawspetphotography.


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