Emily-Pending adoption

Pending adoption-Puppy calendar cuteness comes to life in Emily (lavendar beaded collar) and Athena(fushia bow)! Emily and Athena are the most precious puppies. These little darlings had a rough start. They were spotted in the middle of a 4 lane road in Lodi, infested with fleas, anemic, and so small. One of our volunteers scooped them up from the middle of the road and saved them. They were aged at about 10 weeks old when we found them and weighed only 1.7 lbs. They have gained two pounds each since being rescued and are going to be small dogs, they are about 13 weeks old now. These babies are just the cutest. They are terrier mixes, but their fur is soft like a kitten. In fact they are the size of a kitten and even play like kittens. They have been in foster care and are healthy and happy now ready to go to their forever home. They love to be held, they love to play(though not fond of squeaky toys just crinkly ones), they enjoy everyone. They are working on potty training, but their foster home reports that each time you take them outside they potty right away, almost as soon as you put them down. The foster family had them potty in one spot in the yard with ease. They will also use a potty pad. Being so young they have been so easy to train. These babies are just the absolute sweetest. They love giving kisses, they wiggle to greet you, they run and jump into your lap. Even though they like everyone, their small size means they need to be adopted into a home with older children or teenagers. They are just too small for little kids and certainly too wiggly. Emily is the more outgoing of the two. She loves to play and even fetches a tennis ball which is comical watching her little body prance it back. She almost has perfected retrieving. Emily will talk as she plays. Athena is easy going and will sit and just be loved. She loves to play too, but cuddling is a top priority. They do love to play together and sleep together. They are very bonded and adopting them together will be much easier since they sleep and play together, and they are the perfect size for each other. They are current on vaccinations and will be spayed/microchipped before going to their home. They are just adorable and loved by all that meet them. Professional photography compliments of 4pawspetstudio.com Office


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