Pretty little Lola was adopted in early 2012, her owner has since passed away and his wife is having to move so is unable to take her. Lola is a great little dog nearly 6 years old and weighing about 12 LBS and is a Terrier/Chihuahua mix. She is a really sweet dog but can be a bit timid. She was crazy about the husband and has attached herself to the wife since he passed. Loves to go for walks except in the dark. She is never aggressive toward anyone but prefers quiet situations. Really loves other dogs and has great fun at dog parks. She may would be fine with cats but I don’t know. Even though she likes walks she will shy away from having her harness put on, once it’s on she’s fine. This is really sad her mom is so used to her little quirks and finds her hard to explain. She truly feels that she would do best in an adult home. Not really an energetic excited dog but very much a lap dog. Lola mom is having to move in less than a month. She is hoping that we can find her a home soon as I will not be able to keep her much longer. She is housetrained to a doggie door and likes to sleep under covers during cold weather. She sleeps in my bed and she always wants to have some part of her touching you. Lola will be a wonderful loving companion for an older home or even a younger home.

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