Max 3

Max is a handsome 1 ½ year old Pitbull. He is a sweet boy and loves going for walks. Foster has a big yard & he loves to run and never has to have a reason stop. Max loves water. If there’s not water in his pool, he’ll make do with the water bucket. A kiddie pool is a must for this boy. He sits, is working on stay and doing very well with commands. Max has good recall, is calm on a leash, & walks well. He doesn’t pull. He listens really well. Max loves his bathes & brushings. He will crawl up into your lap if you let him. He thinks he is a lap dog. Both Max and his brother were extremely neglected. They do well away from one another, but are very good with each other too if you wanted two dogs. He is neutered, current on his vaccinations, and has been micro-chipped. This loving boy will be a wonderful companion. Photography compliments of office.


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