Misty is a beautiful 3 year old, 14.6 lb., silver gray Miniature Schnauzer. Misty has been bounced around. We are looking for a stable, loving home for her. She is current on her vaccinations, has been spayed, and is micro-chipped. Misty loves the sound of squeaky toys and is learning to walk on a leash and how to play fetch. She chases the ball, but does not retrieve them yet. Most times she would rather just hang out and cuddle next to you. Misty gets along well with most dogs but does not usually play with them as she is learning how to do most things. Misty has a gentle heart and a loving soul, but she can also be stubborn and bossy in other words a Schnauzer. Misty is learning to us potty pads and ask to go out to potty although she is using the doggie door too. Misty is sweet, loving, affectionate, and energetic, so if you are looking for a dog to go for long walks with and teach new things to or just hang out on the couch and cuddle then look no further Misty is the dog you for you. She will need regular professional grooming. Photography compliments of 4pawspetstudio.com OFFICE.


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