Meet the beautiful Tehay. She is blue eyed, approx. 5 months old, 18 pounds and growing, white and brown hound mix. We think her and her brother are mixed with Catahoula. Tehya and her brother Micco were found on the street and rescued by their foster mother. Tehya and Micco have a difficult time seeing and are nearly blind. They use their sense of smell, touch, and sound to navigate their surroundings. The eye doctor said they were born this way and it is not correctable. They are wonderful loving dogs. Tehay gets along well with other dogs, loves massages, warm laps, cuddles and loves her foster mother’s slippers. In-fact you can often find her carrying a slipper around the house. Tehay which means precious is an affectionate, loving, and happy dog. She is learning to walk on a leash, and asks to go out for potty breaks and play. So if you are looking for a fun loving, happy, playful dog that you will find it easy to communicate with as they are smart puppies. Tehay and Micco are the puppies for you. They are dependent on each other and will be wonderful companions for a loving family. Professional photography compliments of 4pawspetstudio.com office


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