Tyler is a handsome Lhasa – Poo. He is 10 months old and weighs 16lbs. When he was rescued, we had to leave him at the vet for several weeks as he had fox tails coming out of his face over and over again. This poor boy has been through a lot, but in spite of that he is a loving happy boy. Tyler is very active and loves to run and play with his best friend Mowgli. He is one of the sweetest dogs and gets along well with all the dogs here. He is working on potty training and is good in the car. Tyler is also working on leash training. He loves to play with toys and runs laps around the yard and tries to get the other dogs to chase him. He really enjoys being held and cuddled. He also loves to gives kisses and will even hug you with both paws around your neck. He would benefit from puppy classes. Tyler and Mowgli are besties and need to be adopted together, both dogs will need regular professional grooming. Photography compliments of 4pawspetphotography. Office


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