This Beautiful young lady is named Anastasia…..she is a 7 month old, 31 lb. (Manchester–German Pincher/Australian Kelpie mix ?) with gorgeous light brown eyes. This incredible medium size girl is friendly and loving. Anastasia was brought to us and surrendered by her owners who had her since she was 6 weeks old and kept her as an outside only dog and provided her with minimal attention and direction. Anastasia is an incredibly smart friendly and very loving girl. They did have children and Anastasia loves them so a home with older kids would make her happy. She is a slightly shy but with love and affection she will blossom. Anastasia loves the water and would love to have a pool she also loves to drag the hose around with the water running. Anastasia is highly motivated to be obedient in exchange for positive praise and of course yummy treats so continuing her in obedience won’t be difficult. While she is with us we will continue her training. She had not been socialized to be around other dogs so we are slowly introducing her to some. She must have a canine playmate closer to her own size or slightly larger. She loves to run around the yard doing zoomies, loves to receive belly rubs and chase after toys/balls. She will run towards you with the toys but not give them to you, lol. She is very sweet, and will sit on command and even stay for a minute, she is a very intelligent and a quick learner. We do not know how she will be with cats so are not going to chance it. We are working on leash training and understand she rides well in the car. Anastasia is making great positive progress with training and would be a great hiking dog. She absolutely loves adults and older children… She will make a wonderful loving active family dog and must have a home with children over 12 year of age to play with no exceptions. OFFICE


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