Need a boy to shower with love and affection? Meet Barkley! This handsome
boy is a 2 year old, 20 pound, cream colored, aspears to be a PBGV- Poodle
mix – He has an ADORABLE pink nose. Barkley came to us matted, filthy and
covered in ticks, 100’s of them! He had to be shaved but his curls will grow
in quickly. Fortunately the nice lady that found him brought him to us. In
spite of this rough life, he is a sweet boy and full of energy. He would
be happy to spend his day following you around. Do you work from home?
Barkley would love to be your constant companion so a please work from home
or be a stay at home family. He enjoys being held in your lap and would love
to cuddle on the couch. He plays with toys, is friendly with other dogs
preferably a female or as an only dog. This super happy dog would be great
as a family dog with children 10 or above. He walks around wagging his tail
with a grin on his face and smiling eyes. He is leash trained and enjoys
waking, he is nervous on car rides but will adjust with more rides. He
follows the other dogs outside at potty time and keeps his kennel area clean
so potty training should not be an issue. Barkley will need regular
professional grooming. He is neutered, microchipped and up to date on shots.
Barkley is waiting to be your new best friend! Office


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