Need a little love in your life? Meet the adorable Brice. He is about 10
months old,  weighs in at 12 pounds and is a black and gold, Yorkie mix. He
is devoted, playful, and friendly!  He would be a welcome addition to a
family with gentle children 12 and older or an active adult home where he
can go on daily walks.  He is playful with most other small dogs and would
like a canine companion. He may require some house training.  Here at the
sanctuary we  use the command “go potty” before we take the dogs outside to
do their business.  Brice is happy to follow along. He may need some leash
training. He will require regular professional grooming.    He is very
affectionate and the best snuggle bug! He is scheduled to be neutered but we
are looking for his home now. He is vaccinated and microchipped. Are you
ready for a new love? Brice is waiting to become part of your family!


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