Meet our handsome boy Casey. He is a PUPPY around 9 months old. He weighs
13 pounds and we expect his adult weight to be no more than 18 pounds. We
guess his mix to be maybe Poodle and Terrier. He has a white, wiry coat
that should be easy care, although an occasional trip to the groomer will
keep him looking his best. He is one HAPPY pup and has a tail he LOVES to
wag full speed!! Casey is quite the smiler the pictures of him showing his
teeth in a happy face smile is something he does all of the time. He is a
smart boy who is highly motivated by food so training him to do some tricks
should be easy. He enjoys playing with another dog. Casey is a well-rounded
dog and enjoys giving kisses. He would be fine as an only dog with your
constant companionship. He loves to play with toys all of the time and
enjoys your interaction with him. Casey keeps his kennel clean at night so
housetraining should be easy. He knows how to use a doggie door. Here at the
sanctuary we use the command “Go Potty” before we go outside and Casey
happily follows along.. This is a good habit to maintain. He walks well on
leash and rides well in the car. He is neutered, microchipped, and current
on vaccinations. Casey is a great boy and a wonderful companion. Are you
ready to fill your heart & home with sweet guy? OFFICE


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