Meet our miracle puppy Cassie who was Born in April 2021 and weighs about 6
pounds. Cassie has a heart defect and the veterinarian told us that she
would not live more than 10 weeks old. Here we are over a year later and
she’s not only living she’s thriving! Cassie is the HAPPIEST girl!! Cassie
gets along great with her foster brothers and sisters, but loves kitties!
She loves to run and play! She likes her toys and is one of the happiest
little girls you will ever meet! Cassie is special needs, because of her
heart condition she cannot go under for surgery, (any surgery) this will
mean a secure yard is required, though she should not be left outside.
Cassie is current on her vaccinations but cannot be spayed. Her ideal home
would have a calmer, older but playful dog and a very dog friendly cat for
her to cuddle with. She is such a sweet, loving little girl. OFFICE


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