Meet the amazing Chance! He is a handsome young Yellow lab mix, approximately a year and a half old and is scheduled to be neutered and micro-chipped. He is current on his vaccinations. Chance is a fun loving, energetic pup that deserves a good loving forever family. Chance is being rehomed as he was found wondering the streets and thin. The family that took him in has 2 dogs that have behavior issues and will not accept Chance. We think Chance would be great in a home with teenagers who want a companion. Who have energy to play fetch with him and take him for walks. He loves to go in the car or just out and about. He prefers to be around people and not really alone, Chance was introduced to small dogs and a larger dog and did very well. He is a very trainable dog and knows how to shake and do a high paw. He also likes kisses and water. He will make a great addition to your family. OFFICE


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