Meet our beautiful Channel. She is a 1 year old, 18 pounds, black,
Pomeranian mix. She was terrified when she was surrendered by her owner with
her mother Coco. They were living in a rental property and neighbors were
complaining about their 7 barking dogs. These sweet girls were lost in so
much chaos! Within days they were completely different dogs and they are
blossoming before our eyes. She will be shy in initial meeting and is more
comfortable with teenagers than adults. Despite her shyness Channel is very
sweet and loves to be held and snuggled. Channel can climb like a cat and
needs a securely fenced yard! She would be fine as a only dog with a family
that works from home. She does get along fine with other respectful dogs her
size, so a doggy sibling to show her the ropes would be good too. Her
previous family says she is fine with cats. Channel enjoys going along with
the family in the car. She will need patience walking on a leash as it is a
new experience for her. She is high energy and would love daily walks.
Channel keeps her kennel clean at night and will use a potty pad if she has
too. She has not tried using the doggie door but she will paw the door when
she wants out. She runs outside at the command “go potty”. She does not
play with toys here at the sanctuary but she may once she gets use to her
new home. Her ideal home is with a family where someone is home with her
most of the time. Children 12 and older please. Channel has been spayed,
microchipped and vaccinated. Are you ready to open your heart and home to
this sweet girl? Channel is waiting for her forever family. OFFICE


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