Finn is a big personality in tiny package! Finn is an almost 6-year-old Cairn terrier mix, coming at in just under 13 pounds. His 6th birthday will be on June 28th (This date is based on when he was adopted him at 2 years old in 2017). Finn is being surrendered by his loving adoptive mom who has cared for him for the last 4 years but can no longer keep him due his issues with reactivity around children. For this reason, Finn would be an excellent companion for a single adult or a couple who do not have children or grandchildren and do not typically have many house guests. There is a history of nipping and biting, children so care must be taken to prevent him from hurting someone. Finn likes to be the center of attention and would gladly spend most of his days snuggled right beside his person, so his ideal home would include someone who works from home or is retired. He also loves to be babied and carried, but only by his person- he generally will not allow anyone else to pick him up. Finn spends most of his days sprawled out in the sun or curled up in a ball in the comfiest spot in the house. Finn is a quirky dog who will hide under the bed for hours if he sees a fly in the house and who will demand a something warm to snuggle in after each load of laundry is pulled from the dryer (evidence of such snuggling above). Not only does Finn love to “help” with the laundry, he loves wearing clothes! His current mom will be sure to send him with his favorite sweaters and costumes.

Finn is a vocal and expressive pup and will often stand on his hind legs to get attention. He is also quite the athlete; when whistled for, Finn will bound across the yard and jump into mom’s arms so an agile human is needed. Finn loves to go on walks and play in the backyard, but doesn’t get along well with new dogs, so the dog park is not a good fit for him. However, Finn has lived with and bonded with several cats and other dogs in the past, but in order for Finn to get a long, he needs to feel he is the alpha, so any other animal companions would need to be completely non-reaction and submissive. Finn is a sweet boy who would thrive a quiet and controlled environment wherein he will get plenty of affection and training. He is neutered and current on his vaccinations and will be micro-chipped. OFFICE


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