Hapia is a purebred female Cocker Spaniel. She was very spoiled by her former owner who passed away. She is housebroken and uses a doggie door also. She doesn’t like to be crated. She is very friendly and is good with other animals except cats. She is very loyal and follows her person everywhere and wants to be with her foster mom all the time. She barks a little when her foster mom leaves, but has no destructive habits. She loves car rides, and loves to be taken for walks. She also loves being rubbed under her chin and ears. Hapia is spayed, shots current, and microchipped.

She is special needs because she is deaf and she has to be watched closely as she wants to eat everything that even remotely smells of food. She always seems to be looking for food. (she had been taken to the vet in the past because she had eaten toxic things) She would do best with someone retired who is home a lot. Also, she is a runner, so have to make sure all gates are closed.


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