Jack is a small jack Russel mix 3.5 months 7.7 lbs  Handsome Jack is a typical pup. He is playful and adventurous. He loves to run around and play with his foster pups. He likes stuffed toys and bones to chew on as well as an occasional friend. It’s all about having fun. Jack also loves people and is ready to be picked up and loved. He is working on potty training and will use pee pads when indoors. Jack was rescued by a good samaritan while attempting to go on a freeway off-ramp. Thankfully!!  He was brought to us for safety and for finding him a loving and safe new home. Jack is being fostered along with other pups and is getting along just fine. He is also one of the neighborhood’s favorites and has daily visits and hugs when outside at playtime. Jack will make a great addition to any family looking to provide him with a loving home.  OFFICE


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