Jenny is oh so SWEET!  She is an approximately 5 year-old, 10-pound, cream
and red, Carin terrier/ Terrier mix.  She was surrendered to the sanctuary
with a mouth full of foxtails and an infected open hole in her cheek.
Thankfully she was surrendered to AFC and has gotten the medical care she
needed. This sweet baby will never know neglect again!  Her future will be
filled with tender, loving, care!  She is shy but friendly.  After spending
several weeks at a veterinary hospital she is enjoying life at the
sanctuary, especially the comfort of a warm bed and regular meals. She is a
loving girl and lap dog.  Did someone say kisses? She will gladly give you
some! She enjoys her quality time and would love to snuggle on your couch
during the day and in your bed at night.  She will need some reinforcement
housetraining and we expect accidents in a new environment. Here at the
sanctuary, she is happy to follow the other dogs out with the command “Go
Potty”. This is a good habit to continue at home. Jenny will require some
leash training.  She absolutely LOVES to ride in the car.  She is small
enough that her trips outside should be monitored, so please be prepared to
accompany her outside. She has a soft coat that will require regular
brushing and professional grooming. Jenny would be happiest in a home where
someone works from home. She is friendly enough to go to work with you.
Jenny likes to be underfoot so please have sure footed adults in the home.
She has not been around young children but would be fine with teenagers.
She has been spayed and is microchipped and currently vaccinated.  Jenny is
a wonderful companion and will fill your home with happiness and love. Apply
today!    OFFICE


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