Meet the darling Josie. She is a pretty 1.5-year-old, 20 pound, Pug mix ?? She has a smooth tan coat that should be easy care.   Josie Jazzy, Joey and Juliete were found fending for themselves in the river area of Stockton.  Josie would love to have a human companion at home with her. She is shy and will need a little patience to get used to a new living situation.  She gets along well with other dogs, her size.  She would be a welcome addition to an adult home or a family with children 12 and over. She will need some leash training.  She may also need some house training.  Here at the sanctuary, we use the command “go potty” before we take the dogs outside to do their business: this is excellent routine to establish at home. Josie is on the chunky side and needs to lose 2-3 pounds. She would love to be spoiled with love not food.  Josie is happy to go outside especially if you go with her. She is scheduled to be spayed but we are looking for her home now.  She is currently vaccinated and microchipped. Are you ready to fill your heart and home with love? Josie is waiting for you!  OFFICE


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