Adorable Kricket is looking for his forever family this gorgeous Blue eyed
beauty is waiting for you.  This sweet little baby was rescued by a homeless
man who found him in a box with his litter mates.  Sadly, their mother had
been hit by a car and killed. The litter was bottle raised by an AWESOME
foster family from about three weeks old.  FOSTERING saves lives!
KRICKET was born appx. 08/26/23. He weighs 3.10 pounds. He is a Chihuahua
mix.  His white with apricot-colored coat is easy care. He is the most
MELLOW of the bunch. He is a total LOVE BUG! He loves to run, play, and
wrestle with his siblings. Kricket is a PUPPY! He needs house training; he
is using potty pads when he’s in his puppy pen. A good routine needs to be
established early, so please be prepared to train him properly.  He will
need leash training when he’s old enough to be outside safely. He is playful
and loving and will be a perfect addition to your family. He is scheduled to
be neutered but we are looking for his home now, he is current on his
vaccinations and is microchipped. Kricket is ready to fill your heart with
joy!  OFFICE


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