Mason- Black with white chest male lab/shepherd mix 10 months old and is a very friendly young dog with warm brown eyes. He is all about attention. He gets very excited whenever any person comes to see him.  He has not had any training as a younger pup and will definitely need some formal training. He does respond to repeat corrections when he becomes over-excited to be given some attention. Someone hurt Mason when he was younger, he was hit hard on the right side of his face. There is no bone damage but he does have some nerve damage which causes him to not completely close his mouth. He has a prescription that could help the nerves recover.  His right eye is also slightly retracted and gives the appearance of being smaller than his left eye. But be assured that none of this slows him down. He is a happy Boy. He loves to play and especially likes stuffed and soft toys. Mason is not expected to be more than 40 lbs. He was extremely underweight when he was found but has put on weight now and is looking much better.  Mason and his sister Maddie were dumped in a northern Stockton neighborhood in the middle of the night. They were fortunate to find their way to the house of a friend of our rescue. Unfortunately, they are cat rescue people but they are temporarily fostering the two pups. Maddie and Mason have to live outside as they cannot be indoors with the cats. They each have kennels and an overhead covering but as the weather turns colder we are hoping to get them placed in loving homes as soon as possible. They need homes where they are part of a family with an indoor living area.  OFFICE


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