Meet the adorable MoAna. She is a 3 to 4 -year-old, 23 pound, white, Poodle mix. She came to AFC matted with her daughter Sweet Pea.  The family had to many dogs to care for.  She is loving and slightly shy.  Can you give her the time and patience she needs to blossom?  She isn’t playing with toys yet but that could change in a home environment. Her favorite past time is sitting on the lobby bench people and dog watching. She does enjoy gentle play with smaller dogs.  She is very loving very sweet and gives kisses and holds you tight with her paws in a hug. We think she will be fine as an only dog with a constant human companion. She will require regular professional grooming.  She seems to be housebroken but may require some reinforcement. At the sanctuary we use the command “go potty” before taking the dogs outside to do their business and Moana is happy to comply.  This is a good habit to continue at home. She is scheduled to be spayed but we are looking for her home now. She is microchipped and current on her vaccinations.  Are you ready for a new love? MoAna is waiting to fill your heart and home with love. OFFICE


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