My name is Panda ♥️ I’m the cutest boy ever! I am 3 years old! I’m a little bulldog. I’m 54.8 pounds of love. I’m black and white and super adorable, as, I’m told by everyone who meets me., with dark soulful eyes that will melt your heart . I love to eat everything. I eat my natural balance salmon and sweet potato kibble, I also love watermelon yum yum, I also get orate vet chews to keep my teeth clean, as well as beef jerky, and dog bones.  I’m super friendly, do however get super excited when I see humans and dogs. I’m just a love bug! I’m independent, can be left on my own with no separation anxiety,, as long as I have my squeaky balls . I’m a silly boy , I’m very eager to learn and please and obedient.  My tail is always wagging ♥️ My day starts when my foster mommy gives me lots of love, then my morning walk, then I get my breakfast, I play fetch , take a nap, more walks and more play time and potty time, plus my snacks oh boy do I love snack time !! then dinner time, an evening walk then  go to sleep in my kennel or on my bed and repeat the process the next day. I love my red rubber wand, plus I have my nubby squeaky balls they are so fun. I love my tug a war rope toys too. I have lots of toys.

I know shake, sit, fetch, but sometime I play keep away lol, I’m working on stay and down. Fireworks and gun shots scare me! My Foster mommy plays music for me and that keeps me calm. I have not been around children but I’m sure I would love them. I’m very strong so I think older children would  be best for me.  I’m not sure about cats, as I do love to chase squirrels, lizards, rabbits, and birds, I never catch them because my short little legs are not very fast lol.  I get super excited to see other dogs. I want to be every ones friend. I think I would be happiest in a house watching a good movie on the couch with my human’s by my side.  although I’m a very good traveler in a car so an adventure would be fun too. I live with my foster mommy, she has two dogs and a cat. My senior foster brothers don’t play much and One is dog aggressive so I live in another room in the house , my foster brother the German shepherd comes in to visit me often . my foster mommy is my closest companion, she gives me love and plays with me, she has an adult son who comes over all the time he plays with me and walks me to.  I’m rarely home alone but if I were I would be in my kennel in the dining room, so when it’s bed time the doors close and I sleep in my kennel. Yes I love to walk on my leash and I’m very good at it, sometimes I pull a little but I’m working on that with my foster mommy and I’m getting better every day because I’m so smart! I’m a good boy. Although I do get super excited when I see humans and I jump up, I just want to hug everyone, I’m working on off and down and doing  very well because I’m so smart! But if I get a chance I will still try to get in your lap, I must have been a Chihuahua in my past life lol. Yes, I’m potty trained. I only go potty outside. I’m a good boy!  Yes, I love water. I’m very good at bath time. My foster mommy bought me a little kids plastic pool. She tosses my toys in and I go In and get them. It’s a fun game and It keeps me cool. I love that they took me off the street and gave me a safe place to stay. I also love all the attention I get, plus all my toys, treats, and food. Did I mention I love Food yum yum! I had a checkup and I’m a very health boy!  I have been neutered and have had all of my vaccinations and am micro-chipped.


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