Meet the handsome Poe! This handsome guy is a 5-year-old, 18-pound, Spaniel mix! (Chihuahua, Pomeranian, Spaniel & ShihTzu) He has a fluffy, white,  coat and warm brown eyes, he will require regular brushing at home and an occasional trip to the groomer.  Poe’s family is moving and can’t take him along. Poe’s father is Bolt and brother is Kookie. He is used to having a human companion at home with him. He is shy and will need a little patience to get used to a new living situation.  He gets along well with other dogs and CATS!  He would be a welcome addition to an Adult Only home. (He has never been around children) He knows the commands “Sit” and “Come”. He will need leash training.  He is housebroken and used to being let in and out regularly.   Here at the sanctuary, we use the command “go potty” before we take the dogs outside to do their business, this is a good routine to establish at home.  Once Poe gets to know you,  he is very gentle and sweet. Can you give him the time he needs to blossom?  He is scheduled to be neutered but we are looking for his home now.  He is current on his vaccination and microchipped. Are you ready for a new best friend? Poe is waiting for you!


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