Meet our sweet little sisters Poppy and Lilly! They are Chihuahua mixes Born
October 19, 2021. Poppy looks like a Chihuahua and has long legs (like a
reindeer Chihuahua), she weighs 9.9 pounds and a smooth tan coat. Lilly
looks like a Chiweenie. She is 10 pounds and has a beautiful reddish tan
smooth coat. They may be a little shy at first but will warm right up. They
are playful little girls with wonderful house manners. They love to snuggle
together to sleep in a bed, a basket or a tent. Car rides? Oh Yes!! These
girls love to go!! They travel well and love to sleep in the car. They are
housebroken though we can expect a few accidents in a new environment. They
know the commands: Sit, Stay, and Down. They are working on Come. Sometimes
they don’t want to come when called but if you say “TREAT” they come
running. Treat motivation is a good thing. It makes them easy to train.
They have been working on walking on leash and doing fairly well, they will
need more practice. They love toys and exploring the backyard. They are
spayed, microchipped and up-to-date on vaccinations. Lilly and Poppy are
wonderful companions and will fill some lucky home with lots of love. Due to
their small size no children under 10 years of age. OFFICE


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