Do you NEED a PUPPY or two to complete your family?! Meet this gorgeous litter of Bull Mastiff/ Hound / Lab / Mystery Pups?.  They are between 3-4 months old and weigh 25 -30 pounds. They are growing daily. They were found by a Postal Carrier abandoned out in the country. The males are Rudy, Rocco, Royce and Rufus.  Roxanne and Riley are the two females.

Royce weighs 31 pounds and is the biggest of his litter. This handsome boy likes to watch his siblings play before he joins in.  He may get to weigh 70-90 LBS when full grown. His white coat and black ears will bring a smile to your face every time you look at him.  He is shy but sweet and loves to PLAY!  Please be prepared with lots of TOYS!  Especially the heavy-duty CHEW toys and some homemade freezer treats! Royce is ready to learn all about the good life. He will need basic training like walking on the leash,  coming when called and house breaking.  He will be an excellent family dog and wants to be included in your daily activity. Please have the takes time to train a puppy, Royce would benefit from having a canine playmate, to teach him how to be a dog. He is scheduled to be neutered but we are looking for his home now. He is microchipped and current on vaccinations, he will need more puppy shots. Are you ready to fill your home with puppy love? Royce is a sweet, loving guy!


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