Remember our baby girl Sierra? Well she is now looking for a family to call her own! Sierra is a beautiful 4 ½ month old Shepard mix who weighs 25 Lbs, We guestimate her to weigh 50-60 pounds when full grown. This little girl has been thru a lot in her little life, and she’s now looking for the perfect place to call home. Sierra was found alone at 2 weeks old, by a good Samaritan. Sierra does have some vision impairment, She does have some sight just not all. Sierra being a playful puppy and not being able to see danger ahead of her slammed into a garden bench while running and broke her jaw. She had a plate put in and has made a full recovery with some restrictions. Foster mom has done a great job caring for her. Sierra LOVES toys. She is only allowed to have soft toys at this point but will be able to have bones and such in the future. This little girl LOVES the water! If you turn on the sprinklers, hose, puppy pool she is there!! She gets along great with her foster brothers and Sisters, and her foster mom’s cat. But will need to be in a home that can monitor any play time with siblings, until she is fully healed. Sierra has NO idea that she’s going to be a big girl and thinks that she is a lap puppy! She will use potty pads as long as she knows where they are, She uses the doggy door but needs some guidance. Sierra will be spayed, Micro-chipped, and current on her vaccines before going to her new home. office


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