Sir Beauregard Blue

Sir Beauregard Blue- is one of 8 puppies, 1 of 4 boys that still need
homes. They were born on 10-30-21 Unlike his brothers he does not have the
typical Doberman markings. He is mostly tan with a dusting of black. He
weighs in at 11.5 lbs. and is the smallest of the litter. So named because
he has the manners and temperament of a southern gentleman. He waits
patiently for treats and is very calm but can be rowdy when playing with his
brothers. Sir Beauregard Blue Loves to be held and cuddled. This loving boy
is scheduled to be neutered on 2-2-2022. He is current on his vaccinations
and has been micro-chipped. They are Doberman mixes and reportedly rank 5th
in overall intelligence and foster mom says this is a very bright group of
puppies. All of the boys learn and adapt quickly and in two days they had
the routine of going outside with foster mom and dad to go potty down pat.
They are currently being clicker trained and foster mom feels they will be
easy to completely house train with consistency. They are all currently
being trained to sit and wait in the kitchen for a teaspoon of canned food
before getting their breakfast. Sir Beauregard Blue gets along with other
dogs and is used to kids 8 years and above playing with them. He will need
another dog to play with and children would be nice too. This precious
litter must be house dogs, living inside with the family. OFFICE


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