Spuds (Spudnik) is a handsome 14 month old 1/2 French bulldog/ 1/2 Bull Terrier male. Spud looks a lot like Spuds MacKenzie though our Spuds is more black and tan. He is a loving boy who has been good with kids as young as newborn to 2 years old. Spud does not do well with other dogs in the home as he is territorial with toys/bones/food. He would do well as an only dog though he is good with other dogs in a park setting and loves to play. He is high energy and needs a home where he has lots of room to run around and have a human companion to play with. He would make an excellent running partner! Spud has typical chewing behavior for a puppy/young dog. Providing refrigerated/frozen items to chew on would help.  Spud has been destructive when left alone for more than an hour but again providing him with things to chew on will help. Spud has a loveable personality but definitely needs structure and someone who can give him the attention he needs. He is potty trained and lived both indoors and out, though should be inside with his family. He is kennel trained as well and enjoys nap time in his kennel.  Spuds has been neutered and up to date on all his shots as well as micro-chipped.  OFFICE


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