Tessa is a pretty tan/w white female, with gorgeous eyes. She looks Pit Bull with maybe cattle dog She is a Heinz 57.  Tessa is nearly 12 weeks old weighs 25 lbs. She is very playful with litter mates, other dogs and humans. One of our sanctuary dogs acts like she is Tessa and Tanners mother…it is adorable. Tessa, and siblings were left in a tub on our front porch. The puppies were starved for attention, and love human interaction. They are smart and  taught themselves how to use doggie door quickly just by watching the other dogs. They don’t mind getting a bath or blow drying. They Love stuffed toys and squeaky toys and are affectionate puppies.  They use potty pads at the sanctuary and will go outside to potty. We have started vaccinations and dewormed them as well as micro-chipped.  She will be spayed when we are able to have that done. They are looking for a loving home now. Tessa is an affectionate, sweet and loving puppy.  OFFICE


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