Whiskey is a darling boy! He is about 7-8 years-old, 11-pound, black gold
and white, Yorkie Shih Tzu mix. He has the sweetest face and you can see
happiness in his eyes. He was abandoned by his previous owners (left in a
small cage in the yard) and brought in by a Good Samaritan. Fortunately, she
chose AFC to find Whiskey his forever home and he is on his way to good
health! He was underweight and anemic. His mouth is infected and he requires
a major dental which he has been scheduled for.  Whiskey needs to be your
ONLY DOG!  Whiskey  loves being the center of attention and would be a great
family dog. He is friendly with some females but does not care for other
males. He would love to be your constant companion. We don’t think he has
ever had anything of “value”.  He loves his bed and treat’s and does not
want to share his possessions. This handsome boy will need some house
training. He has done well at the sanctuary and has gotten used to being
taken out on a schedule.  We use the command “go potty” before taking the
dogs outside to do their business. This is a great habit to continue. He may
need leash training. He will require regular brushing at home and occasional
trips to the grooming . We feel his best placement would be an adult home or
a home with kind teenagers. He is scheduled to be neutered but we are
looking for his home now. He is microchipped and current on his
vaccinations. He is ready for you to love! OFFICE


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