Handsome little Bailey is a JRT/ Poodle mix so we are told. He does have wirey hair. He is 13 months old and weighs about 12 LBS. His family had too many dogs so both Bailey and his sibling, Cooper, were signed over to us. He is on the shy side but does fine with extra TLC. If you try to pick him up, he runs away. But when you sit down, he does jump onto your lap and cuddles with you. He like to be near his human. If you want a best buddy, I would suggest Bailey. Both Bailey and Cooper love to play, and chase balls. They are quite rambunctious when they are together, acting like puppies (which they still are, jumping, running and mouth playing). When they are separate, they are not as active and are sweeter. The boys will most likely do well adopted separately. Bailey and Cooper bark at new people, but they get used to them. The foster doesn’t have cats, and we are not sure about kids. Bailey would do better with a quieter household. They are scheduled to be neutered, are current on vaccinations, and will be micro-chipped. Photography compliments of OFFICE.


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