Boy oh boy did we take a BIG LEAP! We took 7 boy dogs from Stanislaus County Animal Services. They are part of 87 dogs seized from a hoarding case. These boys have spent their lives in filth and darkness. Many were living under the floor board. Most had to be shaved due to heavy matting. How most of these boys can be so sweet and loving has us STUMPED! They are a little shy but once they get to know you, they beg for love and attention. They will need a little patience as they learn to live the life of a pampered pooch!      How do you spell CUTE? We spell it F-O-N-Z-I-E!  Fonzie is a handsome 5-year-old, 12-pound, black w/some white, Shih Tzu Mix. He has a white chest and a white goatee. He weighed almost 14 pounds on intake: all matts and filth! He will regular professional grooming. He is a total lap dog and love bug. He wants to follow you wherever you go. He is very vocal and loves to talk to you. He also loves to rub against you like a cat. He will need leash training.  He will need more house training, though he is doing well here at the sanctuary.  He follows the dogs outside as a group with the command “go potty”  and happily does his business. Can you give him the time he needs to adjust to a normal home live? He will delight you!  He has been neutered, is microchipped and currently vaccinated. Are you ready for a new BEST FRIEND? Fonzie is ready for you!  OFFICE


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