Boy oh boy did we take a BIG LEAP! We took 7 boy dogs from Stanislaus County Animal Services. They were part of 87 dogs seized from a hoarding case. These boys have spent their lives in filth and darkness. Many were living under the floor board. Most had to be shaved due to heavy matting. How some of these boys can be so sweet and loving has us STUMPED! They are a little shy but once they get to know you, they beg for love and attention. They will need a little patience as they learn to live the life of a pampered, family pooch!

Fitz is an adorable 8-month-old, 9-pound, deep  gray, Terrier /Mystery Mix. His coat is a mystery too. It is just a little longer than smooth but not quite scruffy. It should be fairly easy care.  He LOVES toys and will make a game of playing with anything he can find. Please have lots of toys!  He loves to play with any other playful dog. Fitz especially loves Farley (also available for adoption and also a puppy). He is a puppy and is mouthy so please no young children in the home. He will need leash training.  He will need a little more house training, though he is doing well here at the sanctuary.  He follows the other dogs outside as a group with the command “go potty”  and happily does his business. Give him the time he needs to adjust to a normal home live? He is well worth the effort. He is a DARLING boy. He has been neutered. He is microchipped and currently vaccinated. Are you ready for some love in your life? Fitz will delight you.  OFFICE


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