Meet our lovely Gianna. She is a one-year-old, 20-pound, tan,  French bulldog. When she was surrendered to AFC, she was in rough shape! She was bruised from head to toe from an apparent beating.  She had awful skin and missing hair.  She has experienced both abuse and neglect. However, she didn’t allow that to change her loving heart. She has absolutely blossomed in her foster home. She is a sweetheart and loves people of all ages. She is fine with most other dogs. She would also be happy to be your one and only love. NO CATS as she will chase them. She is happy and playful and loves her toys. Gianna will chase a ball if you throw it but she won’t bring it back! Can you teach her to fetch? *(A short walk or outdoor play session with their owner each day should provide enough exercise to keep the French Bulldog in shape. Frenchies enjoy participating in canine sports such as obedience, agility, and rally. As a flat-faced breed, however, they are prone to breathing difficulties and should never be allowed to exert themselves in hot or humid weather)*. Gianna is on grain free salmon and sweet potato dog food, and she is doing well on it. She also eats out of a Slow Feed Puzzle Bowl.  Her skin and coat are now healthy.  She is housetrained to a dog door.  She is crate trained but absolutely LOVES to sleep in your bed! Warning though, she is a bed hog, lol.  She will need leash training. She rides well in the car. She would be a wonderful addition to almost any home. Breed experience REQUIRED.  She has been spayed, microchipped and currently vaccinated.   OFFICE


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