Need a puppy or two to make your life complete? Meet Lance! He and his
siblings were surrendered to AFC because their family could no longer care
for them. They were raised in a home and are very social pups and well
adjusted!  Lance is a sweet boy with perfect ears. He is 4 ½ months old and
almost 7 pounds. He has a shorter white coat than his 3 siblings and may
require occasional professional grooming.  He is a Terrier/Maltese/Poodle
mix ?. He loves to play with his siblings and is always gentle. He is a LAP
DOG. He is more interested in sitting in your laps than playing with toys.
He is a PUPPY! He needs house training; he is using potty pads when he’s in
his puppy pen. A good routine needs to be established early, so please be
prepared to train him properly.  He will need leash training when he’s old
enough to be outside safely. He is playful and loving and will be a perfect
addition to your family. He is scheduled to be neutered and is current on
his vaccinations and is micro-chipped. Lance is ready to fill your heart and
home with happiness!  OFFICE


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