Maddie- Black female lab/shepherd mix 10 months old and is a very friendly young dog. She has beautiful golden brown eyes.  She responds well to loving attention and connects quickly with people. We do not know how she was treated before she came to us but she was very underweight and a bit timid at first. She has put on proper weight and looks like she will be no more than 40 lbs at most. Maddie loves to chew on bone-type toys and stuffed toys too. She will need some formal training. She does respond to a firm tone and will sit and wait when she really wants to jump up for attention. She loves to be petted and hugged and will sit next to you to receive it. Because her living situation makes it necessary for her to live outdoors only, we do not think she has had the opportunity to experience living indoors. We have found that dogs her size potty train quickly. Maddie and her brother Mason were dumped in a northern Stockton neighborhood in the middle of the night. They were fortunate to find their way to the house of a friend of our rescue. Unfortunately, they are cat rescue people and are temporarily fostering the two pups. Maddie and Mason are having to live outside as they cannot be indoors with the cats. They each have kennels and an overhead covering but as the weather turns colder we are hoping to get them placed in loving homes as soon as possible. They need homes where they are part of a family with an indoor living area.  OFFICE


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