Sadie and Sage: German Shepherd mixes, 1.5 years. Spayed, shots, microchipped. They have become inseparable in their foster home in Valley Springs. They play together, eat together, sleep together, take walks together, chase anything that moves together. Ideal forever home would be property where they could bark at and chase away wildlife, like deer and raccoon. Sage is the grey shepherd looking one and Sadie is the lighter one, not really sure what she is mixed with. Both are sweet and warm up to strangers. Fine with people of all ages, but weigh around 70 pounds each and can get excitable and knock into you with their exuberance. Not good with cats, chickens, goats. They love to take night walks! Sadie is more independent than Sage, who likes to be next to you. They both love to be petted and groomed. And T-R-E-A-T-S!!

She is fostered in Valley Springs, and it wouldn’t hurt you to come look at her. She is fostered with Sage. (her hyperlink:


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