Hospice …This adorable and sweet boy needs a home that will love him till his time comes. (NO FEE) but you still need to apply.  This darling boy will keep a smile on your face? Buddy is a 13 to 15 year old, 7.2 pound,  smooth coated,  cream colored,  Chihuahua mix. When Buddy first arrived to AFC we thought his jaw was broken! His mouth was twisted to one side and he appeared to be missing an eye. When he went to the vet to have his teeth removed, the vet told us the massive infection in his mouth had displaced his jaw! This poor angel must have been in extreme pain! His “missing eye” became visible but it is still deformed/ defective. His teeth were all removed and his infection treated. We feed him 3 or more times daily but he does not gain weight.  He is the happiest little boy and wags his tail nonstop. We hope that Buddy has few more years in him but with a dog his age we just never know. It could be short term. Give Buddy the best time of his life? He is too old to walk on a leash but he would love a stroller ride or traveling in a backpack.  He will follow you everywhere you go, even though he is mostly blind and mostly deaf. He might be best suited to be kept in a male wrap to keep urinating in check. He will defecate outside when taken to grass. Due to his age and size, he cannot be left outside alone. The vet felt it was not safe to neuter him. He is best suited to being an only dog or with another patient dog as he loves to hump other dogs. He is currently vaccinated and micro chipped. Sweet Buddy is ready for you to love!  OFFICE


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