Meet our darling girls Bunny, Sunny and Honey! This trio are very well
loved girls that came to us by way of the Lodi Animal Shelter after their
owner passed away. The girls were used to sleeping in her bed with her. We
named these beautiful girls when they arrived but we have since learned
their original names. They respond to the names we gave them. Bunny appears
to be a Brussels Griffon mix. She is the momma of Honey & Sunny. We named
her Bunny because she hops up and down on her hind legs and waves for
attention. She is 4-5 years old and weighs 12 pounds. She is a TOTAL love
bug! She loves to takes her toys to bed and snuggle with them. She is a lap
dog and is content to sit with you on the couch. They are all very sweet
and loving girls, lap dogs and will adjust well in a new home, we want them
all to go to a home together with several people in the home to share their
attention. They are used to being with their person 24/7. They are the
perfect temperament to go everywhere you go. They walk well on leash and
ride well in the car. They seem to be house broken. Here at the sanctuary
before we take the dogs out, we use the command “go potty” and they are all
happy to run outside to do their business. They have wiry coats and should
be easy care but may require occasional professional grooming. We prefer not
to separate them and are hoping that we can find them a home together. The
girls are all three very social. They are spayed, microchipped and up to
date on shots. Ready to fill your home with lots of cuddling and love, these
girls will be perfect for you? OFFICE


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