Need a sweet and handsome guy to make your life complete? Meet our handsome
Koby! He is an 8 year old, 20 pound, white, Terri/Poo Mix. Sadly his owner
is ill and is unable to care for him. Thankfully he is an AFC dog so he is
back with us. He has never lived with children so we prefer an adult only
home for him. Koby deserves to be a pampered pooch. He gets along fine with
other well-mannered dogs. He is an excellent companion and very well behaved
this special boy is sweet and loving and misses his family. He LOVES to
walk and dances with joy when he see the leash! He rides well in the car.
We take him outside to go potty and use the command “go potty”, he is happy
to oblige. His coat will require some brushing at home and regular
professional grooming. Koby is neutered, microchipped and up to date on
vaccines. His teeth are so pearly white it is hard to believe that he is 8
years old. Can you make him the pampered pooch he deserves to be? OFFICE


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